Cargo Terminal at the Allenby Bridge

The Allenby Bridge, the main transport point for exchange between the Palestinian Authority and Jordan, required a new cargo terminal for handling growing demand.

The Allenby Bridge is located about 5km east of Jericho. The cargo terminal, located adjacent to the bridge, opened in 1996 and serves as a transit point for the exchange of goods and cargo between the Palestinian Authority and Jordan.

In 2009, the area of the terminal was 55,000m 2 and it served approximately 14,000 trucks every year. Over the years, traffic increased significantly and today, about 90,000 trucks pass through the terminal annually. This required an expansion of the terminal to 200,000m 2 , of which about 20,000m 2 are the customs compound.

Highlights of this project include the expansion of entry and exit routes from Jordan to the new perimeter and planning a temporary bypass that met the highest logistic and security standards so border traffic would not be disrupted. A bypass road and parking lot for trucks was
constructed to separate passenger and truck traffic. A new perimeter embankment in Wadi Nueima was constructed to prevent flooding and underground drainage pipes were installed to direct overflow to the Jordan River. In addition, a sewage treatment plant that had been located in the area of the expansion was transferred further south without any disruption to its operations.


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